UUX's customizable white-label apps for Android, iOS and the web allow you to launch best-in-class apps with almost no development effort or CAPEX.

All our white-label frontends are continuously improved through monthly product updates based upon end-user feedback, customer demand and usage behavior analytics.

UUX Apps uses the latest technology to ensure best-in-class performance. For example, UUX's App Manager caches content information to reduce impact on network bandwidth and latency.

App Manager allows you to make real-time changes to content images and text as well as enabling/disabling features and functionality along with defining promotions, subscriber in-app announcements and more.

This turnkey approach allows our customers to launch a highly branded and customized experience for smartphones, tablets and web browsers.

In addition to white-label apps, we also have developed applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, Microsoft Xbox, Smart TV's and Chromecast.

Web / Apps