UUX has also designed a number of OTT TV products, which integrate with an operator’s existing infrastructure to enable them to launch OTT video services.

Video Platform

UUX - Video Platform (CMS) – Integrates with existing infrastructure so that operators can launch successful Internet TV services in less than 90 days.

UUX’s world class Video Platform has the ability to accommodate millions of daily streams. The platform can be easily integrated with existing content infrastructure and contains original content capture, content protection, scalable distribution and much more.

Its scalability was proven during the London Olympics, when it was able to process 125 million streams. The platform supported up to 60 million unique visitors a day and handled up to 2 million concurrent streams.

  • Video Workflow
  • Meta data Management
  • Promotions
  • Subscriber Management
  • Multi tenancy and Geo


Video Platform

Web / Apps

UUX - Web / Apps

UUX's customizable white-label apps for Android, iOS and the web allow you to launch best-in-class apps with almost no development effort or CAPEX.

All our white-label frontends are continuously improved through monthly product updates based upon end-user feedback, customer demand and usage behavior analytics.

UUX Apps uses the latest technology to ensure best-in-class performance, for example UUX's App Manager caches content information to reduce impact on network bandwidth and latency.


Connected App Framework

Video Analytics

UUX - Real Time Analytics – Simplifies the capture and use of big data to engage and enhance consumer interactions and services while maximizing monetization.

Big data helps operators build audience engagement and monetize Live TV and video with personalized, interactive experiences for every screen. We provide industry-leading video analytics to help our customers optimize and automate video programming and video streaming.


Real Time Video Analytics

Cloud CUTV Packager

UUX - Cloud CUTV Recorder – Automated and efficient packaging of Live TV providing a low CAPEX route for operators deploying catch-up TV multiscreen services.

Personalized storage of video files is outdated and costly, making the personal video recorder a device with a limited future. UUX's cloud based live TV recorder, records your live streams (including advertising) and makes these available as VOD, dependent on content licensing for up to 30 days. We eliminate the need for traditional storage, and provide custom integrations with your encoders and CDN providers. This 100% cloud-based solution works with almost all encoders.


CatchUp TV

IPTV Connector

UUX - IPTV Connector – IPTV Connector for Mediaroom enables customers to deploy multiscreen OTT and TV Everywhere services.

This UUX solution, the first implemented Mediaroom connector, makes multiscreen available for VOD and beyond.

The connector provides IPTV operators with advanced TV services that reach out to all devices in and out of the living room. The solution personalizes TV content and provides full control over the TV service and streams to reduce consumer churn and increase subscriber revenues.

IPTV Connector

Video Platform

UUX - Content Recommendations – All-in-one, integrated content recommendation engine for a superior user experience.

The advanced UUX content recommendation engine enables operators to suggest content that every individual consumer will enjoy, driving increased customer satisfaction, reducing churn and increasing data plan buy-rates.

  • Intelligent recommendations that adapt to user preferences, viewer profiles, usage context and across devices
  • Search and recommendation engine
  • Discover content across Live and Catch-up TV, VOD and web video, supporting different business models such as transactional and subscriptions.