UUX Products Overview

UUX has also designed a number of OTT TV products, which integrate with an operator’s existing infrastructure to enable them to launch OTT video services.


For MSO/Cable

Operators can deploy UUX products to integrate with existing cable infrastructure to quickly launch multiscreen OTT services. The UUX suite of products is designed specifically to provide all the elements needed to complete an operator multiscreen and OTT offering.


Offer TV Everywhere to your subscribers vs alternative streaming services.



UUX products are designed to integrate with existing IPTV solutions to provide IPTV operators with the fastest and most powerful route to extend IPTV to multiscreen. The UUX suite of products designed specifically to provide everything an operator needs to launch successful multiscreen and OTT services.




Leading Mediaroom Integration


For Broadcasters

UUX products are designed to provide broadcasters with the quickest route to multiscreen, including powerful solutions for the delivery of OTT catch-up TV. The UUX suite of products provides all the pieces a broadcaster needs to launch successful OTT and multiscreen services.



Enjoy Direct Relationships with Viewers


For Content Owners

UUX provides content owners with all the technology they need to launch OTT and multiscreen services. The flexibility of the UUX approach means that content owners can launch locally before going global and can target specific device types before expanding to all screens. UUX also enables content owners to launch joint ventures in some territories, while going it alone in others.



Multiscreen- taking content further.
Making great content is tough distributing it shouldn't be.