Xbox Applications

UUX is a Premier Plus Developer in the Development Partner Program for Xbox Applications. As such, the company supports service and content providers by offering expertise, and helping build and deploy end-to-end media solutions which allow customers to stream live or on-demand video, and other online content to their TV via the Xbox.

Applications include:

  • VoD catalogs for films and TV shows
  • Content catalog search functionality, leveraging Microsoft Bing
  • Integration with Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems to secure content
  • Single Sign On functionality between Xbox LIVE and apps
  • Haptic and voice control functionality leveraging Kinect™ for Xbox 360©

Xbox Applications are based on customizable components of UUX's iTaaS platform, enabling operators to develop solutions tailored to the viewer’s needs and requirements. UUX's iTaaS platform is interoperable and can easily integrate with third party APIs and services to allow scalable distribution of content to any screen.

In addition to facilitating content delivery, it provides automated content management functionality, controlling acquisition, distribution and management of all video/audio content as well as offering advanced metrics and reporting.


Success Case: Vivo Play

Vivo Play is a VOD service that allows customers to access new releases and movies, TV shows, kids programming and music shows online.

Technologies used:
DRM (Digital Rights Management), Microsoft C#, Silverlight

Success Case: Sky Online

Sky Online is a VOD subscription service that allows customers to access Movies, TV Shows, Kids programming through the Internet.

Technologies Used:
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript,C++, PlayReady / DRM (Digital Rights Management)

SKY Online