Chairman & CEO

With 25 years of career and entrepreneurial experience in digital media & marketing, strategic partnerships & start-ups, businesses planning & management mobile and SaaS, Austin, Texas-based Ricardo Cidale has held numerous senior-level corporate positions around the world. Alongside superlative academic credentials, he also serves on numerous Boards, is an author, an advocate for environmental protection and remains integrally involved in the Austin community.

He has also been Senior Managing Partner of private equity investment firm Bataguassu Capital; Founder and Senior Partner of Inizio Urban Development; and Founder of start-up ChequeBot, Inc., in Austin, a software and service company dedicated to financial transactions over public and mobile networks.

 His roster of other high-profile positions includes five years in multiple roles with RealNetworks—including VP of Global Sales & Strategic Accounts, where he led teams in North America, Latin America and Southern Europe, and managed relationships with such accounts as Sony, Paramount, Disney, BMG, Time Warner and Clear Channel. Other stops: Dell Computer Corp., Compaq Computer Corp., and Wild West Software.

 Among his robust academic achievements, Ricardo earned both an MS degree in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering (and a minor in Mathematics) from Texas A&M University (where he was an active member of Tau Beta Phi and Chi Epsilon). He also has a Latus Sensus Degree in Corporate Governance from IBMEC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He is also the author of two books, published by McGraw-Hill: “The Wizard of DOS,” an executive guide to MS-DOS and similar operating systems; and “Digital Virus,” an executive guide to computer viruses and their implications to company operations. Among many affiliations in the high-tech industry, he has served as Board Director for: Inizio Urban Development; Bematch S.A., Bematech International, Gemco ERP Software, Automatos, and ChequeBot.