Ricardo Cidale

Chairman & CEO

With 25 years of career and entrepreneurial experience in digital media & marketing, strategic partnerships & start-ups, Ricardo Cidale has held numerous senior-level corporate positions around the world, serving as CEO of UUX since October 2014.


Reynaldo Fagundes
Reynaldo Fagundes

Chief Operating Officer

Founder of OTT Networks, Fagundes is a media expert, responsible for several of Latin America and Europe's largest audience digital video projects (including three olympic games internet webcasts). Since October/2013, Reynaldo is responsible for UUX's operations worldwide.

Guillermo Martínez
Guillermo Martínez

Chief Financial Officer

Guillermo Martinez has served for more than 10 years in several financial positions for selected Grupo Salinas companies. In 2008 he joined Azteca America, a broadcasting network focused on the U.S. Hispanic market.



Dominique Reissmeier
Dominique Reissmeier

VP Product Development

Dominique has over 11 years experience specializing in Digital and Mobile Technologies in both start-ups and mature organizations across North America, Europe and Latin America. Previously Dominique helped launch Totalmovie in Mexico City, LatAm's first OTT VOD streaming service. 

Beni Goldenberg

VP of Product - iTaaS

Goldenberg has an extensive experience in marketing and product development, being part, previously to UUX, of Amazon and Terra Networks digital products teams.



Jonathan So

Engineering Director

Having been on the forefront of a wide area of digital media distribution since 2007, Mr. Jonathan So has worked with industry leading companies to develop methods for content distribution. He now leads the infrastructure and network operations from Denver/CO.


Christopher Ammann

Director of Content Management

With over 20 years of experience in operations within the satellite and broadcast industries, Ammann has helped several start-up companies and spearheaded the launch of two call centers and a network operations center in Miami/FL area. 

Fabian K. Tan

Sr. Product Manager

Tan responsibilities include competitive analysis, requirement specification, road map planning, supervision of offshore engineering and QA teams, usability testing, submission to the Android and iOS app stores, as well as analyzing key metrics.


Romulo Fogaca

VP Strategic Accounts

Currently based in Madrid (Spain), Mr. Fogaca is responsible for Iberic projects, managing onde of UUX's largest projects (Telefonica's Global Video Platform). A technology enthusiast, Fogaca joined OTT Networks/UUX in 2004,


Fabio Amaral

VP - Finance

Before joining UUX, Mr. Fabio Amaral worked for companies such as Baan/Infor, Apple, Totvs, and Folha de São Paulo/Plural and made numerous contributions for these companies centered in cost optimization and process management.

Rafel Fuzari

VP os Professional Services

Mr. Rafael Fuzari has a solid career in Internet companies, having contributed to important start-ups in Latin America, such as iG, Brazil Telecom, and Editora Abril, holding an extensive track record of successful large audience web projects. Based in São Paulo/Brazil, Rafael leads UUX's professional services team (+70 members).

Filipe Badaro

R&D Director

Mr. Badaro currently leads the development of the back-end software that supports UUX’s digital media services, including the company’s own CMS, Real-Time Analytics, Automated Encoding, and CUTV Recorder Services. Mr. Badaro is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.