We have built a team that has all the expertise necessary to ensure that our customers can maximize profits from providing multiscreen TV Everywhere services.

Our unique technologies are proven to get operators up and running with iTaaS (Internet as a Service) services in less than 90-days. We’ve also built systems that integrate with existing broadcast and telecom infrastructure, such as Mediaroom. And our technology is battle-hardened, having processed 125 million concurrent streams during the London Olympics.

So the technology works, but we provide so much more than technology: in fact it’s our vision combined with the marriage of technology and expertise that we believe makes our services so unique.

We understand that some markets need different solutions – multiscreen is not a one-size fits all market and we’re certainly not a one-size fits all company.

By providing a clear vision for the future of the multiscreen Internet TV market, meeting it through technology services and solutions and backing that all up with business and marketing expertise.

If you would like to know how our expertise can help you successfully launch multiscreen TV Everywhere services, please contact us.